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If they wrote their words [entries|friends|calendar]
If They Wrote Their Words

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[14 Mar 2005|11:11am]
For fuckin nights i cried
i tried to figure out why
why you would leave me like this
an empty shell an empty Fuck
a used Condom
i used to think your tantrums were over
i used to think i was the one
then you gutted me with your knife
left me to drain
you preceeded to flush my insides down
you saved my heart and i was graetful
then you threw it in the garbage disposal
Fuckin irony
if i wasnt in peices on the floor...
id kick your ass!
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[01 Feb 2005|07:22pm]

There she goes again
Cutting it to the core
Running high on everything
Leaving crosses on the floor
It’s all raining down
Breaking her softly
Hurling stones for
Growing up disgracefully
Lost in the dark
And trying to escape now
She’s drowning inside
Loving what’s not allowed
No pure little saint
For she has fallen far
Wanting just to run
This life’s been too hard
Break her windows
Cut the flow
Steal her beating heart
She’ll never know
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[03 Nov 2004|09:00am]

The angels came to take my hand
To take me back to the sky
And I smiled at their effort
Then thought of what was left behind
All the ties done up in messes
And emotions left unchecked
I thought that I could change the world
But that was a secret far too deeply kept
They lost me somewhere along the way
Yet I think they went of their own will
Towards a dimming light so far away
To leave me with wounds that wouldn’t heal
Even though I cried out for warming words
They turned away and fled
And I was left alone in that small room
Until even my soul was bled
Even as I’ve tried, I’ve somehow failed
And the monster chased me in my dreams
Though I tried to sew everything back up
I’m coming apart at the seems
And you don’t seem to notice where I am
Even while I’ve screamed so loud
You just move on without a word
And leave me lost within the crowd
Oh they want to take me now so far
To lead me in through the gates
And without you I feel myself go willingly
Up through the heavenly straits
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[19 Aug 2004|12:25am]

i broke a law
a law of my own
tomarrow i pay the price
and in the eyes of the commander i will pay dearly

you should have saw
it was done
i tried to put up a fight
i lost and the commanders eyes were seering

they looked in awe
i died alone
it was my last right
floating through space a fallen villan in to eternity
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[17 Aug 2004|02:22pm]

I know that I’ve got this problem
Trying to get in my own way
And I have nothing left in me to say
But this blade sliding down the lines
Is bleeding everything I’ve tried to keep inside

I can’t keep taking everything you give
And lock it all up inside my head
These emotions are painting my room so red
I can’t bring myself to clean it all up today
I just don’t have anymore tears to wash it away

Everything you say breaks me down
Your words keep pushing me towards the edge
But I don’t want to look down there again
I don’t want to feel myself fall like before
Only to let her suffer the uneven score

But it’s about time that I come out with you
I’m not the smile that plasters itself to me
Or the laughter that always comes away free
I’m the lonely shadow that looms behind the sun
The feeling inside that’s always screaming to run

I’m no longer functioning right anymore
It’s all threatening to flood over
And there’s nowhere left to run for cover
I’m sorry for all the frustration I’ve caused
That I couldn’t be the grandeur to give pause

Don’t take this too hard
Keep that smile for my sake at least
Find some sort of respite in my broken peace
And don’t try to blame yourself for any at all
Because it’s all my fault, I made the call
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[07 Aug 2004|12:31am]
breaking the ties of evil trying to regain ground you once lost.
but you see no light at the end of the tunnel no way of getting to that framiliar place you once knew
so hard and frustrating. that road and this road and those roads lead no where
looking for a friend to give you directions but alas no one arrives to point the way
all your hope and all your faith in yourself is gone
you feel as though you can never trust another
here comes your hop you knight in shining armor has arived
trust in all those that held no ground
your hero mcomes to save the day

"Where have you been ive been looking and searching and have not seen you anywhere"
"oh i was here" says your knight "i was standing at your side the whole time and you cared not to ask for me."
"i held out my hand and it was as if you did not see." "look for me next time the one who fights for you until THE END"
"I have always been here and i will always be here"

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[30 Jul 2004|08:49am]

She says she’s done with this life
And she slams the door behind
She says not to follow her
But everything’s not fine

She left a ribbon on the floor
And a shadow on this town
But she’s never coming back
Not since the trees burned down

Sometimes I think I hear her
In that breath between night and day
Sitting out near the lake
Where as kids we used to play

But she’s not there anymore
No more laughter will be heard
Without the sound of life inside
I will never again be lured

Her mark remains well instilled
In this place she left for rent
But I wish that it would all fade away
And let the world move again

They say she may come back
She’ll sneak back in the quiet of night
But I know that girl’s not coming back
And this is the last letter I’ll write
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[29 Jul 2004|08:49pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

if they wrote their words
you could feel their blood flow
within thier chest through their veins
oh the intrigue, Oh the stories you'd know
saying what lips cant
speaking a language they couldnt
one that before they wouldnt

my god.. the wonder
what can i learn
your spirits lightining and thunder
let your spirit speak
say your words and shake the ground
let us feel your emotion
we will only know
if they wrote their words.

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